Think Twice Before Buying Cheap Toner; There’s a Price to Pay

Fake toner cartridges can damage print devices and produce output that’s not up to your high standards. `Here’s how to determine if you’re using genuine supplies.

By Kevin Weaver

KevinWeaver_2Think you are saving money buying cheap toner cartridges? The truth is, probably not. Everyone loves a bargain, but inexpensive printer supplies could be counterfeit, which isn’t a good deal at all. Counterfeit products are not only illegal, they produce poor quality prints and can damage printers, invalidating the warranty.

Protect yourself and your equipment – stay away from:

  • Heavily discounted products – be aware that some counterfeiters list competitive prices to throw consumers off.
  • Inventory liquidation sales.
  • Offers for overstocked products.
  • Cash payments or cash only deals.
  • Toner/ink cartridges that leak.
  • Cartons that don’t look authentic, such as misprints or poor print quality on the packaging.

To ensure you are buying genuine Xerox branded toner and supplies, add these tips to your checklist:

  • Look for the Xerox-branded holographic security label. If it’s not there, it’s not from Xerox.
  • Be cautious if the Xerox security labels have been tampered, such as the barcode being removed or damaged.  Ask yourself – if the label has been altered what is the seller trying to hide?
  • Check out Genuine Xerox and  the video below for more information.

To address counterfeit activities, we participate in raids and prosecutions around the globe. In your world, the best defense against counterfeit products is to be an informed consumer.

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