Xerox ConnectKey: Simplicity Redefined

You know the drill: You leave the office at night and go home to tackle your other life’s challenges. But there’s still work to get done before that critical meeting first thing in the morning. Your handouts have to impress, which means you need to print them at the office.

But you’re at home, and emailing the files to yourself at work won’t do the trick because there simply won’t be enough time before tomorrow’s meeting to log on, find your message, open the attachments, and print the documents.

What if you could send the pages to your preferred office MFP and have them waiting in the queue, ready to print once you enter your PIN code? What if you didn’t have access to a computer, and had to rely on your smartphone to enable the same workflow?

Or, you’re burning the midnight oil so a time-sensitive project can be shared with colleagues across the globe. The project’s too big to share via email, and its findings are too sensitive to risk unsecured transmission to an FTP site.

What if you could quickly scan the entire document and securely send it to a Cloud repository for your colleagues to easily access it as soon as it’s ready, from wherever they’re located?

In general, the lives of busy professionals are complicated enough, and technology should be there to add simplicity, not add more layers of complexity.

That’s why we introduced our brand new lineup of multifunction systems built on the Xerox ConnectKey platform. Engineered for the way we work today, integrating leading-edge technologies for unparalleled ease-of-use, security, mobility and all-around productivity, Xerox ConnectKey devices truly redefine simplicity.

Let’s keep the conversation going by seeing what our readers have to say about the ways in which office technology complicated what should have been simple. Any and all feedback is encouraged, and thanks for reading.

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