Creating Emotional Value in Business: Peace Out

By David Lyons, Marketing Planning and Pricing Manager, Xerox Enterprise Business Group

I am a big fan of the Dale Carnegie Principles and Training.  I took a training course about three years ago and the course created a lot of emotional value for me.

In my personal life, I have been touched by emotional value through a series of remarkable events.  (Some people may call them a series of unfortunate events.  The good news is Dale Carnegie changes your thought process to see life events in a positive light). The course helped me move away from being a negative, self-centered individual to a caring individual.

The most important steps for me to get each day off to a positive start:

  1. Fill the mind with hope, health, opportunity, courage and peace.
  2. Count the blessings in life and not the troubles.
  3. Turn a loss into a win.
  4. Create value for others.

I am human so this may not work every single day.  It works for me 95% of the time, but it’s an awesome way to get the day started.

As often as I can, I try to share that positivity with the people around me.  Sometimes I use the phrase “PEACE OUT” to pass on inner peace to people.  I say it in a silly way, as a greeting, and make a peace sign simultaneously.  It makes people laugh – a laugh is one of the best emotional value creation tools.

An Emotional Value Creation Game Plan

This acronym is a game plan and a first step to create value professionally and personally. After a lot of self-reflection, this is what PEACE OUT means to me:

Peace sign

Positive thinking

Exercise your body and mind to develop an

Action Plan for

Creating a Value


full of…..




Next Steps: “The 3 Cs”

I will come back another day and discuss the framework of the 3Cs:  Create, Communicate and Capture Value and explain how you can use this to improve your business results.

Create value for a customer, family member, a friend  or someone in need today.  Let us know how it works out.


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