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MPS Lessons from the New Quocirca Report

Aug 16, 2017|Mobile, MPS, Security, Service, Tips and How-Tos|

Know anyone researching or shortlisting MPS providers? Do them a favor and share the recent MPS report released by research and analysis firm, Quocirca. The “Managed

Xerox Scanners: A Better Way to Pick Paper

Aug 9, 2017|Capture, document workflow, ECM, Paperless workflow, Workflow|

Guest post by: Walt Thinfen, president and CEO at Visioneer, which makes and markets Xerox® DocuMate® Scanners under a brand-licensing agreement.

Businesses of all sizes have been

What to Know About WITO (Walk In, Take Over) MPS Contracts

Jul 31, 2017|Assessments, Change Management, MPS|

(Guest post by Tommy Pelham, Senior Director, Transition & Transformation, Managed Document Services, Xerox Global Delivery. @tleep61)

The majority of Managed Print engagements are in second, third or

Customer Experience: It’s Everybody’s Job

Jul 26, 2017|Communications|

Guest post by Hervé Lesage, Xerox Worldwide Commercial Industry Marketing.

In the age of the customer, companies must create communications that lead to better customer experiences, but

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    Five Steps to a Digital Enterprise: Move Beyond Isolated Pockets of Automation

Five Steps to a Digital Enterprise: Move Beyond Isolated Pockets of Automat...

Jul 20, 2017|digital transformation, document workflow, Innovation, Paperless workflow|

The Xerox Digitization at Work report reveals that less than 50 percent of IT decision-makers currently use processes that are mostly or fully digitized. We know more