Breanna Banford

New Year, New IT Security Threats

By |Jan 30, 2013|

Cybersecurity in the news: what you need to know about the security of networked devices, such as printers and MFPs.

Greenwashing … Let the Buyer Beware

By |Jan 24, 2013|

Why it’s important to avoid using greenwashing marketing claims, like eco-friendly and green.

Finally Time to Take the Pain Out of Mobile Printing

By |Jan 16, 2013|

No need to find a workaround process, you can finally simply and securely print from your mobile device.

Online Voting – Can We Attain It In Our Lifetime?

By |Jan 10, 2013|

Following the recent election and commentary about the future of online voting, Xerox security expert, Larry Kovnat, weighs the pros and cons as it relates to voter security.

Reasons to Pay Attention to Mobile Print in 2013

By |Jan 4, 2013|

People still print and now they have easier access to printing from their mobile devices. Why Xerox is saying mobile print is a top trend in 2013.