AI Document Classification: 3 Benefits

This guest post about artificial intelligence and document classification originally appeared on the Xenith Document Systems blog.

When done manually, document classification is a time-consuming process. With rules and categories to take into account, it’s easy to make mistakes when going through a larger number of documents to classify.

AI Document Classification aims to take away some of the pain of manually classifying documents and even goes beyond algorithmically classifying documents with advanced machine learning.

3 Benefits of Using AI Document Classification

1. Automatically classify documents

In some respects, you might already be automatically classifying documents with an algorithm, but whereAI Document Classification differs, is that it can adapt and change as more data becomes available.

Because AI Document Classification is able to adapt, there is less of a need for manual intervention.

2. Adapt to high-variable content

With advanced machine learning technology, AI Document Classification automatically classifies scanned and digital documents based on their content, even when the content is highly variable!

Starting with just a few samples from different document types, an auto-tuning feature can give market-leading accuracy and allows the solution to continue adapting as it learns.

3. Employee Time Savings

Automating document classification removes the need for human intervention and manual classification of documents.

With it often being a time consuming, yet potentially repetitive process, employee time is saved, not just because they don’t have to classify the documents themselves, but because they don’t have to intervene the automatic classification when the document has highly variable information.

AI Document Classification will also become more efficient over time as it learns more about the documents it’s scanning and classifying, saving more time in the future, which employees can spend on higher value tasks.

As well as bringing these 3 benefits, AI Document Classification is also made more powerful with other digital solutions and automation, which together can automate all of your company’s most repetitive and time consuming processes.

Xenith AI Document Classification Focused on Security

Xenith’s AI Document Classification has been built from the ground-up with security as a primary consideration. Documents are only passed to the service while they are actively being processed, usually only for a few seconds, and are then immediately deleted.

To heighten security further, the number of documents in the service at any time is limited and during the processing, document files are stored in secure service and encrypted at disk level using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.

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