Get Digital Transformation Under Control with These Resources

Digital transformation (DX) doesn’t have to be intimidating. Use these blogs and other resources to get a jump on digital transformation for your business processes and documents.

Blog and eBook:

Digital Transformation, MPS and Devices: Making the Digital Workplace a Reality

Blog overview: Digital transformation isn’t really a choice. If you don’t innovate the way you work and connect, you risk being left behind, and that includes being abandoned by customers and business partners. By ignoring the digital reality, you may drag down knowledge workers and support staff who use documents every day to drive the business and support customers. DX isn’t going away, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. In the digital workplace, it involves things like workflow automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and guess what? So do the latest intelligent multifunction printers for the office. Today, digital printers and multifunction devices perform at the intersection of analog and digital and tie into the processes that work teams and organizations use to produce, share and communicate information. Making customers, employees and shareholders happy and rewarded is an outcome worth pursuing through DX combined with Managed Print and Document Services. If your organization has fleets of connected devices, learn more about their DX-fueling capabilities. This ebook is a good start.

Blog and ebook:

Digital Transformation – Are You Missing an Opportunity?

dx resourcesBlog overview: Told from the perspective of a financial executive, this blog will give you food for thought when it comes to work processes. Companies everywhere are introducing new digital services and re-engineering business processes to capture the value of innovative technology. But with the challenges and newness of this transformation, it’s easy to see how opportunities get missed – even when you think you’ve got every base covered. One critical factor that frequently gets overlooked is the value of document analytics in transformation programs. Document analytics opens a whole new level of business intelligence – it’s a real hidden gem. Companies use document analytics to unlock strategic value through better understanding of how, where and why documents are used across the business. Organizations can benchmark against their peers, identify additional savings potential and efficiencies, and get a clear view of which processes to improve. You can read more about the role of document analytics in shaping business processes that are truly aligned with business priorities in this e-book.

Blog and white paper:

Add This Document Management White Paper to Your Digital Transformation Library

DX blogsBlog overview: If you’ve followed this blog or read almost any other business or IT content lately, you’re familiar with digital transformation and the pressure it puts on organizations to adopt digital business practices. We’ve long been both a proponent and enabler of document management automation for business processes, and we’re not alone. Our partners and customers share the urgency and reward of pushing ahead in this direction. In the spirit of collaboration and learning, we offer this white paper, “Document Management and ROI – How Can You See the Results?” from our partner, Tipac. Consider it one more piece for your Digital Transformation library. The white paper deals straightaway with the elephant in the room: paper. Even more pointedly, it discusses removing paper from the equation altogether. It’s the obvious place to start. Then, taking it one step further, the white paper asks how do you measure what you’re doing? Measurement is management, it’s been said, making analytics a key part of digital transformation. Using paper as a starting point, the white paper looks at the different ways document management benefits an organization – maybe yours.

Blog and research:

Digital Transformation Benefits Government IT Staffing

Blog overview: This well-researched guest post looks at some of the workplace challenges facing government IT. Not only are government IT departments struggling to find talent for new ways of working, they are at risk of being understaffed for the older systems that are still needed. Agencies may find they’ve digitized content for systems that no one knows how to run. The answers to government IT staffing may lie in workflow automation and service outsourcing. For many departments and agencies, outsourced document management services and solutions relieve the staffing pressures, while also giving IT the foundation for the digital journey. A document outsourcing partner can also help accelerate your digital transformation by guiding you step by step on the journey to digital workflow and innovation. IT staff shouldn’t be stuck with pushing paper or maintaining printers and ordering toner. Instead, teams can focus on serving citizens and fellow workers. More time can be spent on continuing innovation and digitization as a strategy. When process automation drives your digital journey, you can eliminate lower-level, paper-based manual tasks that keep IT and other employees from spending time on higher-value initiatives.

Blog and research:

Four Obstacles to Digital Transformation: Why Paper Keeps Hanging On

Blog overview: Enterprise leaders recognize the importance of adopting digital ways of working. A survey from McKinsey and Company found that top performing companies take advantage of digital innovation. In other research from Gartner, 25 percent of CEOs cited technology-related issues as top priorities, while two-thirds said their enterprises were involved in industry-level digital initiatives. One thing that should be included in digital strategies is how to deal with paper documents and communications. Start by looking at the reasons paper remains critical. Additionally, by combining digital document solutions with usage analytics, organizations can tap into data to help decide where to invest further in workflow optimization, digitization and automation. Armed with this knowledge, your enterprise is ready to move forward towards work-changing digital transformation. And that’s change that matters.


Digital Transformation Starts With Content and Communications Processes

Blog overview: Digital transformation (DX) is at the forefront of many business agendas. It’s essential to how we organize, share and create value from content and communications. But that’s not easy when outdated systems, lack of strategy, and poor communications hold organizations back. To maximize the potential in our core operating models, we must connect business processes, workflows, content and communications for a more streamlined approach.: This blog shares ideas about how that can happen with the help of content services and a content and communications overhaul. This evolving category takes content management into broader areas.

What are your best tips and resources when it comes to digital transformation for your documents and workflow?

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