MPS User Analytics Services: Get a Good Look at Your Data

There’s a reason analytics dominates business headlines these days. It’s secret sauce for business growth, and we can’t get enough. A hefty 78% of enterprises believe collection and analysis of Big Data could fundamentally transform the way they do business in just a few years.

Yet many companies quickly hit roadblocks when they try to get meaningful insights from Big Data. It’s just too big. Many organizations lack the internal talent to launch and maintain meaningful, affordable, sustainable analytics initiatives. It’s becoming common practice to engage a specific service provider to handle some business analytics programs.

Tap the MPS Mother Lode

When you tap into the data in your MPS fleets, you hit a mother lode of information. These intelligent, networked devices exemplify the Internet of Things. Your fleet hosts a rich analytics environment, providing data about users, their documents and the processes that carry that information throughout the organization.

A good MPS provider will use clear dashboards to capture and present this information to you and other members of your team. For example, Xerox User Analytics Services uses a simple, intuitive application that saves weeks of learning tools, testing programs, creating flat reports and other tasks.

Why User Analytics?

Print devices don’t really produce documents: people do, and User Analytics identifies how, what and when those users print. The reporting gets pretty granular, but here’s why that’s important. With User Analytics, you can:

  • Spot high-volume departments that might benefit from digital workflow
  • Target regular peak printing periods for pre-emptive service and supply
  • Allocate devices to meet print volume spikes
  • Know which applications drive the most print volume and the associated costs.
  • Accurately allocate MPS costs across users, departments and cost centers
  • Identify jobs that could be sent to more appropriate devices or facilities
  • Eliminate unnecessary or excessive color printing to reduce costs
  • Identify out-of-hours printing or printing of specific documents
  • Identify document workflows that could require additional safeguarding

User Analytics provides real-time insight and supports business cases for cost savings, workflow efficiency opportunities, sustainability and innovation. In a recent IDC survey about document analytics, over half said that within the next two to three years, they will use Employee/User Analytics to achieve cost savings as their primary goal.[i] With assistance from your MPS provider, you don’t have to wait to start your analytics journey.

Safeguards to Protect User Data

Along with the opportunity to benefit from more user information comes the obligation to protect it. A qualified MPS provider safeguards your data in a number of ways. Personal information such as document and user names gets removed before uploading to the secure cloud. Data is encrypted prior to transmission via banking-level encrypted HTTPS security, and data access is protected to the same degree.

Get more from your data — securely — with User Analytics. Ask your MPS provider about User Analytics Services to get a complete view of your data and capture insights about user behaviors. For a quick overview of user analytics services, view this video and share it with your team. Also download this analytics ebook to guide your discussions in the right direction.

[1] Source: IDC, Priorities and challenges of Document Analytics by functional areas, (IDC #US41366316 – slide 15) Arianna Valentini, May 2016

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