How Managed Print Services Enable Digital Government

Liz Vega

Guest post by Liz Vega, Senior Manager, Government, Education, Healthcare Global Marketing, Xerox Large Enterprise Operations

Government agencies are under pressure to accelerate their transition to digital government. Did you know your existing Managed Print Services (MPS) program makes a very good starting point? If you work with a Next-Gen MPS provider, they can turn your intelligent fleet of devices into a springboard for wide-ranging improvements.

To get started, document, user and workflow analytics capture information about how your organization uses paper documents. How much does it cost to process your documents? How long does the process take? That data indicates documents and processes that could be worth digitizing. Simpler, generic processes often represent “low-hanging fruit” ripe for digital transformation.

Paper-to-Digital Workbook

Since over half of government processes are still paper-based, changes driven by managed print services have so much potential to transform the way you work. A new paper-to-digital workbook offers guidance for reducing the paper in your agency processes and increasing your digital capabilities. The workbook explains a four-stage path for paper-to-digital transformation for paper-centric organizations:

  1. Understand – Establish how and where you use paper today, and identify what you could change.
  2. Educate – Set targets, make your case and change user behaviors.
  3. Execute – Replace key functions and processes with digital equivalents.
  4. Improve – Use data and automation to take your transformation to the next level.

You’ll also find

  • Tools and techniques to propel your digital transformation journey
  • Metrics to measure progress and digital transformation improvements
  • Guidance for overcoming resistance to change in your organization

Wherever you can shift a task from a non-digital channel to digital, you’ll serve citizens at lower cost, improve employee productivity and make communications more timely and responsive. Download this workbook and prepare to launch your digital government transformation.

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