Trusts Seek Control of Back Office to Save NHS £5bn a Year by 2020

Guest post by Jonathan Elliott, General Manager, Health Sector at Xerox UK, @jonelliott276

With the Carter report’s ambitious plan to save the NHS £5bn a year by 2020, the pressure is on trusts to commit to procurement transformation plans that will drive savings and standardize processes, while improving the patient care experience. This is no easy feat, but with an aggressive timeline looming, NHS trusts are taking control where they can.

One such trust, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has tackled a key area to free up resources and focus on improving clinical quality by partnering with Xerox to put in a hybrid mail service. This alone has delivered:

  • 50% savings in direct costs to produce and post outpatient letters
  • 22 hours per day freed up and redeployed to more fulfilling activities for staff
  • Fewer missed appointments resulting in better, more efficient patient care and better utilization of NHS resources

Ruby Dey, Program Management Office (PMO) Manager at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, will outline how the trust committed to improving the back office to aid a better patient experience and savings at the Health and Innovation Expo 2016 on 7th September. During her Pop Up University session, Ruby will talk through a chapter in the trust’s paperlight story, covering its approach, challenges that arose and results that were delivered.

For a preview, watch Ruby discuss how innovation in healthcare depends on NHS trusts and private sector working closely together at this year’s HIMSS UK event.

The Drive to Digitize Is On!

With Lord Carter also calling for all NHS trusts to have key digital systems in place “fully integrated and utilized by October 2018,” it’s clear that the drive to digitize is on.

Xerox is partnering with the NHS in many different areas to make digital transformation happen. We’re helping trusts improve patient safety by digitizing paper medical records, reducing office print volumes and improving document security, as well as printing patient leaflets and forms more efficiently and economically.

We will be at Stand 81 at Health and Innovation Expo 2016 talking about the paper-to-digital journey, as well as showing the hybrid mail service which has delivered remarkable results for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

If you’re interested in having a chat, or discussing some of the latest thinking around digital transformation in healthcare, please drop by our stand.

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