Good Guide for Calculating MPS and Document Management ROI

While you can go into Managed Print Services at as basic a level as you want and see return, as you progress through the MPS continuum, your sources of value increase. With additional opportunities to find return on investment (ROI), MPS becomes an even more desirable strategy for your business.

Most business professionals don’t come into an MPS or document management engagement with the same depth of understanding as a dedicated MPS provider, who lives the subject every day. Working with a professional MPS team ensures you get all the value you can from your investment. You not only solve for your current situation, you lay the groundwork for your long-term MPS journey and ultimately more ROI.

Educate Yourself
While having an experienced partner is important, it’s also a good idea to have some understanding yourself of how to get continuous value from an MPS commitment. This eGuide from Xenith Document Systems covers the topic from an objective, practical approach.

From it, you will learn these and other things:

  • What are key areas to consider for improvements in terms of cost savings, productivity gains, process improvements and waste reduction.
  • How consolidating existing printer assets help you generate business savings.
  • What is the “monthly support per device” metric and why this matters to IT.
  • What it takes to see up to 85% reduction in print-related IT help desk calls and how to calculate the potential savings of the reduction.
  • What variables should be considered to get an accurate picture of print use across your organization.
  • Three ways reduced-paper document management improves operational efficiency.
  • How MPS contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.
  • What to look for in an MPS provider in order to maintain ongoing ROI measurement and improvement.

Wherever you are in your MPS journey, use this guide to make informed decisions about your ROI goals and how to measure them.

This post was originally published by Xenith Document Systems, a leading provider of Managed Print Services, Document Solutions and Workflow Automation in London, United Kingdom. They are a Xerox Platinum Partner, winner of the Xerox MPS Partner of the Year award in the UK, and NewField IT’s Systems Integration Partner of the Year in the UK.

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