A new report from IDC takes a hard look at the Managed Workflow Services (MWS) market. It’s a must-read for organizations contemplating or already embarked on a journey towards digital transformation.

The IDC MarketScape says MWS represents the most mature level of Managed Print and Document Services (MPDS.) In the new report, analysts look at both quantitative and qualitative characteristics that position vendors for MWS success. In a nutshell, the study analyzes the ability of MPDS vendors to “provide clients with a road map to higher-value, workflow automation and optimization services and then effectively deliver those services.”

Key Takeaways from the Assessment
While you’ll want to read the report itself, these nuggets offer a sampling of what to expect.

What is MWS? The IDC MarketScape’s definition: “MWS refers to the evolution of managed print and document services (MPDS) to a set of professional and managed services that automate and optimize vertical and horizontal document-intensive workflows and business processes with results and benefits aligned with specific business outcomes.”

The vendor’s ideal role. The best way for vendors to support MWS engagements is to proactively evaluate both problems and the maturity of existing print and document infrastructure, and then propose strategies to resolve problems and reach increasing levels of document and process maturity.

What to look for in an partner. Some MPS vendors have the expertise to move clients to more digitized document workflows. Factors that determine a vendor’s ability to do this include established document experience plus digital technologies. The IDC MarketScape advises organizations to look for partners with a track record of operational excellence in managed print and document services and managed workflow services. (Find out who is the only evaluated vendor with an established a separate organization specifically focused on workflow automation solutions and services.)

Real transformation in education. Learn how one university benefited from their vendor’s holistic document management solution, including managed print services, centralized print services, and a content management system that made it easier to access and share digital content like classroom documents and financial data.

There’s no disagreement that the managed print and document services market continues to evolve and holds tremendous opportunity. Organization will do well to learn all they can about the differentiators and success factors that will impact their own engagements. The new IDC report, “IDC MarketScape: U.S. Managed Workflow Services 2015 Vendor Assessment,” is a good place to start. View the report now.