Centralized Printing Delivers Surprising Results for YWCA of Greater Los Angeles

If one solution solves multiple problems, why not jump on it? When the YWCA of Greater Los Angeles went looking for a smarter solution to their printing needs, they had no idea it would also lead to a valuable training program for at-risk youth. 

From Assessment to Accomplishment
The YWCA GLA’s relationship with Xerox began when the association’s leadership wanted to replace outdated printers. All 11 YWCA GLA sites were outsourcing printing, resulting in no centralized control and lots of waste.

Xerox assessed the organization’s print environment and recommended consolidating the widespread print activity into a single on-site print center. The operational benefits alone were powerful:

  • Centralized control of printing for 11 sites throughout Greater Los Angeles
  • Decreased print costs by 80 percent almost immediately
  • Significantly enhanced quality, capabilities and turnaround times

Now print jobs all go through one entity. “We’ve streamlined internal processes, so our production flow is more efficient,” said Tasha Carter, Director of the YWCA GLA Digital Learning Academy.

Print Creates a New Revenue Stream
But it’s not just printing; it’s state-of-the-art printing. The YWCA GLA can produce everything from one-page handouts to posters. XMPie variable data software will let the YWCA GLA create one-to-one marketing materials for members and potential donors.

The association can now offer print services to outside businesses, creating a valuable, new revenue stream. All print profits are reinvested in the Digital Learning Academy and other YWCA GLA programs.

Digital Learning Academy Helps Changes Lives
That’s not the end of the story. The in-house print center that Xerox implemented not only provides centralized printing services, it also serves as a Digital Learning Academy for at-risk youth.

Along with a more efficient enterprise printing strategy, the association collaborated with Xerox in a partnership for training students for employment in the digital print industry and providing marketable technology skills. In the Xerox School-to-Career program, students get hands-on training in digital printing, 3-D printing and computer programming, as well as help finding jobs. The local business community also benefits through workforce development.

It’s not often you can achieve a far-reaching social impact by addressing an internal operational challenge. This came true for the YWCA when they found a workforce development partner in Xerox.

Learn What YWCA GLA Leader Had to Say

Find out what Faye Washington, President and CEO, YWCA of Greater Los Angeles, had to say about the project, its outcome and collaborating with Xerox.

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