Eight Tips: What to Look For in Enterprise MPS Delivery Teams

After the RFPs and the proposals, beyond the assessments, the automation and the data, MPS comes down to the teams of professionals who manage your fleet. You expect an MPS provider to bring the best technology and accurate data to manage your fleet, but the other essential piece of the equation remains the people who deliver the service.

Nothing can replace the human element of service delivery, but not all teams are equal. Skilled professionals and proven systems deliver optimal cost, efficiency and user experience. How well prepared is your vendor’s team to deliver on the MPS promise at the enterprise level? Use these questions to guide a discussion with your MPS provider about the service professionals who will run your MPS engagement.

  1. Continuous Development — Does the MPS vendor promote continuous learning and development, with a focus on customer satisfaction?
  2. Customized Learning Resources — What internal learning resources are available to service professionals? Does it include sales, technical, professional development, leadership and compliance?
  3. Professional Certifications — Does the vendor ensure teams have the most current certifications in their field?
  4. Industry-based Certifications — Does the vendor offer industry-based certifications for employees?
  5. Annual Skills Assessments — How often does the vendor assess employees’ skills to ensure they are up to date?
  6. Global Performance Management — Does the vendor use global performance management systems and tools to provide visibility and focus?
  7. Formal Coaching and Mentoring — How involved and available are coaches and mentors to close performance gaps and ensure the right people are in the right roles?
  8. Ingrained Diversity — Is diversity a welcome and essential part of the vendor’s corporate culture? How is this tracked and measured?

The best MPS teams come well prepared to collaborate day-to-day and over the long term. They are stimulated by challenges and enthusiastic about keeping customers satisfied. These teams have the capacity to learn and respond to your business with increasing skill. They build relationships within your enterprise and partner with key client resources. Well-developed, motivated teams become trusted advisors by delivering on commitments. The outcome is an MPS engagement that leverages innovation and teamwork for amazing success.

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