Vendor-Neutral Managed Print Services: Because The Real World Isn’t a Simple Place

Many enterprise print fleets are mixed environments of printers, copiers, MFDs, scanners, software and consumables from multiple vendors. Understandably, organizations are leery of MPS vendors whose recommendations call for replacing all current printers with their own brand. The potential for cost and disruption is huge.

It doesn’t always happen that way. Some MPS providers follow a vendor-neutral approach, and that offers big advantages for enterprises.

Holistic Assessments
The vendor-neutral MPS partner assesses all relevant devices in your print environment and captures a holistic view of your fleet’s current state. This vendor is prepared to come into your mixed environment and manage it as is, and then optimize it over time to limit the immediate financial and operational impact. A biased vendor may want to “rip and replace” all devices that aren’t their own because they don’t fully support devices from other providers.

  • Is your MPS provider willing to use existing devices to reduce complexity and disruption?

Needs-driven Device Optimization
A vendor-agnostic MPS provider is a trusted technology advisor who helps organizations select technologies that best support actual business needs. When the situation calls for replacing devices, this vendor updates your fleet as needed based on fleet age, cost per page, environmental targets and other goals. They recommend configurations that make the most sense for you, not for their sales quota or their support capabilities.

  • Does your vendor choose devices for your users based on affordability, productivity, security, sustainability and functionality?

Consolidated Billing and Reporting
Even with a multi-vendor fleet, a vendor-neutral provider can simplify billing by combining invoices and usage reports to make costs more transparent and easier to understand and track.

  • Can your MPS vendor simplify billing by combining invoices and usage reports?

More Proof. Less Talk.
Look for MPS providers with proven experience in multi-vendor environments. For example, of 1+ million devices managed by Xerox Global Service Delivery, half of them are from competitors. Some providers offer vendor-neutral assessments, security tools and other services and technology. These MPS providers stay connected with key partners, gaining visibility into other relevant product roadmaps and emerging technologies.

  • Ask your MPS provider how many of their services are designed to be device-agnostic.

How many different models, suppliers and contracts make up your fleet? Whatever the answer, it doesn’t have to be a roadblock to adopting an MPS strategy, if you first make sure your chosen partner follows a vendor-neutral approach.

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