The CIO as Chief Executive of an Information Business

Today’s enterprises are becoming increasingly reliant on big data analytics and the inherent potential to dramatically streamline business processes and boost bottom-line performance as a result.

But a common issue faced by large companies across all industries is how to create the bandwidth necessary for CIOs to manage such a major shift in their IT organizations toward a more comprehensive data-analysis strategy.

That’s the primary thesis set forth in the excellent McKinsey & Company article, “How CIOs can lead their company’s information business.”

The writers not only emphasize how big data is poised to cause seismic changes in how businesses operate, but also provides recommendations for how today’s CIOs should adapt to best manage their evolving analytics-centric environments.

From the article: “Big data represents a transformational shift for the business and a once-in-a-generation opportunity for CIOs to help their companies accelerate bold changes and generate vast value. To seize this opportunity, CIOs need to master four critical roles: as venture capitalist, product manager, recruiter, and business leader.”

The entire piece is full of helpful food for thought for any enterprise that’s grappling with big-data acceptance and the seemingly overwhelming implications therein.

I encourage you to read the McKinsey & Company article and then return here to share your own thoughts and/or experiences regarding the ways in which big data is shaping the future of business operations.

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