Mobile Technology Means the End of Office Printing. Fact or Myth?

As my Xerox colleague explains in this article on Spiceworks, the online IT support community, the answer to the question in the headline isn’t exactly clear cut.

I do know that since mobile technology began its rise to ubiquity among office workers, many print-industry experts have predicted the demise of the printed office document. Clearly, that has not happened.

Which goes to show that despite the widespread adoption of smartphones, tablets and laptops, and the proliferation of cloud-based repositories and collaboration applications that link our digital-document-based activities, there remain many benefits to be gained from sharing and collaborating with hard copies.  

The Spiceworks article to which I linked above explores a few of the digital-versus-paper contrasts, and provides a link to a Xerox blog that dives deeper into the discussion.

I’d love to hear whether mobile technology has dramatically affected the amount of printing done at your workplace, and if so, whether you feel that’s a positive shift.

As always, thanks for reading.

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