Who Is Xerox’s One Millionth Follower on Social Media?

[The following was originally posted on the Real Business at Xerox blog.]


Social media helps us share our story, one follower at a time.

By Erin Isselmann, director, Global Social Marketing, Xerox

If you followed Xerox on your favorite social media account during the last few weeks, you might be our millionth follower. We had no balloons, confetti, or marching bands to commemorate this achievement, and we really don’t know who you are. But we appreciate you, and the 999,999 other followers who came before you.

Let us celebrate this moment – all one million (and more!) of us. One million followers does not seem like a big deal to everyone — we are far behind Katy Perry’s 47 million Twitter fans —  but we recognize that our one million followers help us share our story. Our company has transformed, and we use our social media channels (and our followers around the world) to spread the word about the company we are today – one that is services-led and technology driven.

We fully understand that it’s people who follow us, and we like to think of ourselves as a business-to-people company. We’re connecting with decision makers at various businesses and government entities; the researchers who engage with our labs for knowledge and insight; the buyers who check our capabilities, services, and products against the competition; employees and retirees who want to keep in touch. And a few competitors who keep tabs on us. (Welcome aboard, folks!)

We got to a million because we try to be where our customers are, and we’re connecting with them every day on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and  YouTube.

Thank you to all of our followers, from the very first to the most recent. We’re listening and learning from you each day.

On to two million!

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