When it Comes to the Price of Productivity, Supplies Matter

By Julian Patel, Xerox Supplies General Manager, Xerox Europe


We understand that when it comes to buying supplies for your printer or multifunction printer (MFP), there are countless other topics you’d prefer to think about, let alone discuss.

We get it: Printer supplies are about as exciting as car tyres.

But like the tyres you put on your car, the supplies you choose for your Xerox printer or MFP truly matter, and here’s why.

Think about the reasons you chose Xerox in the first place. My guess is print quality and reliability were important factors. And much like you wouldn’t put bargain-basement tyres on your high-performance car, it stands to reason you shouldn’t use bargain-basement supplies in an office device you count on to deliver superior quality.

In-depth testing conducted by Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), an independent printer evaluation laboratory, reinforces the importance of choosing Xerox supplies for your Xerox printer and/or multifunction printer.

In BLI’s report, “Genuine Xerox Brand Ink Sticks vs. Hana Brand Ink Sticks,” tests confirmed that when comparing image quality, there simply is no comparison:

In addition to inferior image quality, the BLI report details significant reliability issues caused by the Hana brand ink sticks, including excessive paper jams and premature failure of the printer’s maintenance roller.

With the potential for such lost productivity—and the resulting increased maintenance costs—does it really make sense to save a little money up front when there’s so much at risk?

It’s smart business to make the most of every opportunity; whether you need to create a captivating proposal or presentation, or professional-looking business documents, top quality Xerox supplies will help your company stand out from the crowd.

But when you choose cheaper, low-quality compatible toner or ink, you’re at risk of sacrificing not only critical print quality, but also your business’ reputation.

So consider: The initial cost-savings that likely enticed you to purchase third-party supplies in the first place simply do not add up to any significant bottom-line benefit when your professional image is at stake.

We definitely don’t think it’s worth it.

But what are your thoughts?

If you’re using low-cost compatibles, why did you make that choice?  Do you have any regrets, or stories you’d like to share about bargain-supply disasters?

I encourage you to read the BLI report in its entirety, and then return here with your comments.

Thanks for reading.

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