By Leah Quesada, VP of Marketing, Xerox Enterprise Business Group

This is the second post in a series of “Back to Basics” blogs, based from the original blog “What the Best Run Companies Do: Apply the Basics.”

In a nutshell, great companies are made up of great people who believe in a higher purpose for their business. They also acknowledge and work within the bigger ecosystem of the company they serve, which in return makes their company stronger.  This blog explores the first point around people in an organization. The basic unit of a company are the individual folks in it.  This blog is about you – you are one that makes your company great.

Have you ever participated in a discussion where the issue was about resolving issue x and instead of exploring possibilities to resolve issue x in a pragmatic way, people lay out processes a, b, c that convolute the original problem, add layers of unnecessary work, or seek to widen the circle of unnecessary approvers?

Take the case of John, whose team is responsible for sales content strategy, creation, and delivery. Through the years, the process of content review has moved from a small group of stakeholders to a wild web of “checkers” and string of meetings with diminishing value.leadership in business

Time to believe in what you know. What you know could be the inherent knowledge you have about a topic, but more so, it’s about stepping up to reset and reframe the situation. Avoid being part of what is now a dysfunctional process.  Step up and break this process loose.  In the example above, it’s about being the observer, not the mindless participant. Pragmatically think of how things should be.

Believing in what you know requires a passion to succeed for the common good and the courage to express your belief.  Believing in what you know is not a “me” thing; it’s a “we” thing.  It’s not about self-promotion of a good idea.  Quite the opposite.  Assuming everyone recognizes the dysfunction, it’s about sharing the idea that benefits everyone and everyone embracing this new idea.  Who wouldn’t be happy with good riddance of wasted time?

Time to believe in what you know. Be contagiously passionate and courageous. Be one of the first great basic units that will make up a great company. Nothing is stopping you. What can you do?