By Breanna Banford, Social Marketing Specialist, Xerox Enterprise Business Group

With mobile technology and new innovations, the ways of the past sure have changed. Instead of writing love letters, we send texts and Facebook messages.  What will our grandchildren look through to recall the past budding relationship of grandma and grandpa 50 years from now?

We’re living in an age where paper seems to be disappearing as new technology lets us do more online, using mobile technology and the cloud. Yet, I still use paper in a lot of ways. I write my grocery lists and to-dos on Post-it notes. I print out longer documents like whitepapers so I can read, highlight and take notes on the pages. I read paperback books – I can’t seem to transition to an e-reader yet! A lot of these are typical ways people use paper. The trouble is I feel like I get lost in my hardcopy notes and different online versions.

I consider myself a fairly organized person, but sometimes I feel like nothing syncs correctly. I have 3 sets of to-do lists in my office – a secondary Outlook calendar for managing future actions, my virtual sticky notes for weekly reminders and Post-it notes for immediate actions (I really enjoy physically crossing items off a list – I feel more accomplished). Clearly, these processes are a bit out of control, but I have yet to find a program, app or process that does what I need, which is appropriately show long term, short term and immediate to-dos in a way that works for me.

I seem to be stuck in the middle of the digital era, but still tied to paper. It’s possible that scanning my notes with a solution like Xerox Scan to PC desktop could be an advantage to better syncing and editing my notes. I could even buy a tablet, so I can at least take digital notes, but I hear there isn’t a perfect way to sync documents back to your laptop, especially in a enterprise environment.

How are you bridging the paper to digital gap? Do you still rely on paper – how is it necessary in your day-to-day?