Taking Steps to Simplify Your Chaotic Life

By Breanna Banford, Social Marketing Specialist, Xerox Enterprise Business Group

Is it just me or has life sped up, but left us no time to do everything we’re required to do? Work, life, fun, exercise, family, friends – let’s add a few more hours to the day or maybe we could evolve as a human race to need less sleep so we can get more out of a day?

There are countless tips and tricks out there that explain how to do more with less. Today, it’s a necessity. To anyone who asks how I stay productive (I can’t say it enough) the sub-calendar I set up in Outlook as a to-do list is a must. It’s the only way I manage my time and get work done. Without it, my life would be chaos.

With most people agreeing chaos is the norm today, how can we simplify our lives? I start by paying more attention to the little things in life; slowing down, not rushing. I try to acknowledge what brings me joy and recognize what’s important. When you focus on what matters most in your life, you feel happier, which usually results in you being more productive at work. It’s a win, win.

What steps are you taking to simplify your life and your work? In this busy world of ours, let’s find a way to progress together.

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