Submitted by: Rick Dastin, president of Enterprise Business Group, Xerox

Often in business employees look exclusively to the very top of the organization for strategy, direction and what the future will bring.  Too often employees become disenchanted with senior management because the strategies and direction they hear coming down from the mountain can be disappointing.  You often can hear in the hallways such things as, “why don’t they do something about it?” or “they just don’t get it?” The “they people” are viewed as underperforming , but the problem is that many people have a hard time identifying who specifically are the “they people.”  Imagine if the “they people” could up their game, truly lead and drive their companies to new heights.  What a great company that would be.

In today’s world where information travels at internet speed, the concept of leadership primarily coming from the top and waterfalling down should be challenged. Regardless of the level where you sit within an organization you can lead and need to lead. Business is moving too quickly and the waterfall model cannot keep up both in terms of speed and knowledge acquisition. Believe in your personal contribution potential and decide to become one of the “they people” with a face and lead.

Group around laptop in a conference room


It’s been appropriately written by others that leadership is about inspiring a shared vision. Inspire yourself first with an idea that you’re passionate about that can help your business, show your love for the idea by inviting others and you’re well on your way towards a shared vision. The best ideas most often come from small groups of people with a shared love affair for an idea that then generates the energy needed to enroll others in the change possibility. When you as an individual decide to take this path you become one of the “they people” which empowers yourself to “do something about it” vs. being frustrated by the perceived lack of management action around you.

Give it a try and feel the leadership power by becoming part of the “they people” and make a difference within your company.

How can this work for you?  Let me know what you think