Tell Your MPS Provider to Bring It ALL On

By |May 28, 2015|

Managed Print Services, now in its second decade, has evolved far from its original charter of fleet management. Today MPS goes beyond basic assessment and device

Why MPS Isn’t Necessarily “Intelligent”

By |May 7, 2015|

(Guest blog by Adam Johnson, Director of Limpio MPS)

Many organizations have implemented a form of Managed Print Service (MPS) by rationalizing and reducing their printer fleet,

What’s the One Thing Mobile Knowledge Workers Need Most?

By |Mar 24, 2015|

Every day brings a new statistic on how many workers don’t work in an office anymore. Seems mobile or virtual employees are pushing 40 percent of

  • MPS helps secure enterprise information.
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    Ten Essentials Your Information Security Strategy Must Address

Ten Essentials Your Information Security Strategy Must Address

By |Feb 3, 2015|

The need for security is pervasive across organizations, but “security” means different things to different functions within an enterprise. The executive suite and the legal team

Reducing Risk in the Document Domain

By |Jan 12, 2015|

Carro Ford, Xerox Corp.

The boundaries between digital and printed documents have all but disappeared. Sometimes business information starts as hardcopy, then gets scanned into digital workflow.