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Mobilizing for Mobility: How to Ensure IT’s Readiness

By |Mar 27, 2014|

As a follow-up to a recent Enterprise Matters post, “How Enterprises Prioritize Consumerization-of-IT Spending,” I think it’s appropriate to discuss the ways in which IT personnel

BYOD: Best Practices for Successful Implementation

By |Aug 26, 2013|

During the past decade, the term “telecommuting” has evolved from meaning the rarest, and one of the most strongly desired, workplace allowances, into near ubiquity among

Consumerization of IT Revisited: ‘The New Mobile Enterprise’

By |Jul 18, 2013|

As a follow-up to the recently published Business of Work article, “A New Paradigm: Consumerization of IT Driving Bottom-Up Disruption,” I found a piece that

What to Do When Employees Leave with Workplace-integrated Personal Devices

By |Jun 27, 2013|

Following up my earlier post regarding some of the ways in which companies should focus their employee-retention efforts, this InfoWorld article discusses what employers should do

Tips and Tricks: Color Management Settings for the Best Print Output

By |May 30, 2013|

I’m not a graphic designer, but I’ve spent a great deal of my career working closely with folks who are.

Because of that experience, plus the fact