Attention CIOs: How to Avoid BYOD Pitfalls

By |Jun 30, 2014|

Consumerization of IT is here in full force, and it’s not going away.

“Wasting time complaining about consumerization and how managing employee-owned devices is such a huge

Evolving Technology and Workplace Impacts

By |Jun 24, 2014|

Todd Smith, Xerox Corp.

Can you imagine a world and workplace without smartphones? How about keyboards and mice? posted a slideshow about eight business and consumer

How Do You Simplify Work in the Enterprise? Ask the Experts

By |Jun 16, 2014|

By Don Dixon, senior vice president, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox

There’s no question the workplace is changing – in fact, it’s not really a place at all

‘Always-on’ Workplace Connectivity and Employee Stress

By |May 28, 2014|

A recent article posted on the PC Pro website discusses the downside of today’s mobile device ubiquity with regard to working professionals’ always-on connectivity to the workplace.


To Compel or Entice BYOD Compliance?

By |May 8, 2014|

It’s likely every enterprise IT professional is quite familiar with “bring your own device” (BYOD) as an increasingly prevalent workplace trend. And whether that term elicits