Xerox Strengthens ConnectKey Platform – New Devices and Solutions Simplify the Evolving Workplace

By |Sep 11, 2014|

With mobility, security, cloud access and productivity on the minds of today’s workforce, Xerox has introduced new functionalities, apps and products for its ConnectKey® 1.5 software and technology.

The latest enhancements

Information Empowered: Xerox Simplifies Financial Lending Process

By |Aug 12, 2014|

Borrowing money for homes, cars and other purchases can be a daunting and often extensive process. Now, see it…simplified. Xerox reduces the complexity of financial lending

Evolving Technology and Workplace Impacts

By |Jun 24, 2014|

Todd Smith, Xerox Corp.

Can you imagine a world and workplace without smartphones? How about keyboards and mice? posted a slideshow about eight business and consumer

Reflections on BYOD and Gartner’s strategic technology trends for 2014

By |Feb 6, 2014|


If mobility is strategically important, you can’t ignore print.


By Conrad Mills, Services Marketing manager, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox Europe

Every year at its Symposium/ITxpo, Gartner reveals the

Advice to Business Leaders: Don’t Disregard Digitization and Disruptive Innovation

By |Jan 27, 2014|

Our global economy is at the point where every industry is affected by technology. While that’s not a shocking revelation, it is a reality that too