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    Big Brother Is NOT Watching: A Positive Way to Change Printing Habits

Big Brother Is NOT Watching: A Positive Way to Change Printing Habits

By |Apr 16, 2015|

Carrot Vs. Stick, Honey Vs. Vinegar

Sustainability now claims a higher seat at the management table, as the price of being wasteful gets steeper. Commitment has become

Lessons in Sustainability

By |Sep 24, 2014|

Carro Ford, Xerox Corp.

How do colleges and universities save the planet?

They modify energy sources. Construct more-sustainable new buildings. Change investment policies. Sign climate-neutral pacts. Shift to

The American International School in Bucharest: The First Paperless School

By |Aug 5, 2014|

Last year, the students of the American International School of Bucharest (AISB) conducted a service-learning project to reduce the volume of paper the school consumed and

Sustainability as a Corporate Cornerstone

By |Jul 28, 2014|

Interesting findings regarding global CEOs’ attitudes toward corporate sustainability-focused policies and best practices come courtesy of McKinsey & Company’s recently published “Sustainability’s strategic worth” survey results.


Do You Know What ‘EPEAT’ Stands For?

By |Apr 1, 2013|

It stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, a product registration that helps consumers identify “greener” electronics.

Initially intended for PCs and displays, the EPEAT rating system