The British Courts: Paperless or Paper-Less?

By |Feb 17, 2015|

(Guest blog by Adam Johnson, Director of Limpio MPS)

There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without a high profile organisation making a statement

Lessons in Sustainability

By |Sep 24, 2014|

Carro Ford, Xerox Corp.

How do colleges and universities save the planet?

They modify energy sources. Construct more-sustainable new buildings. Change investment policies. Sign climate-neutral pacts. Shift to

Xerox® ConnectKey™ and the Cloud

By |Jul 30, 2013|

For many, “the Cloud” is nothing more than—pardon the pun—a nebulous term having something to do with data, software and digital files being stored remotely while

Xerox® ConnectKey™: Anywhere, Anytime

By |Mar 1, 2013|

Today, in our third installment of the Xerox ConnectKey video series, we’re highlighting the technology’s exceptional mobility advantages.

“Xerox ConnectKey: Anywhere, Anytime,” is a humorous dramatization of

Xerox® ConnectKey™: Always On Guard

By |Feb 27, 2013|

In support of the recent ConnectKey launch, we produced a series of lighthearted and informative YouTube videos that demonstrate some of the key features and capabilities